Jardine Enterprises Crib Collection Created For Cute, Cuddly, Cozy Babies

The Jardine Enterprises Crib Collection gets a cheery thumbs up from clever moms. If you find it difficult to come up with the funds to furnish a nursery, this range may be just what you are looking for. While their baby furniture may not last as long as those in the Bellini baby range or the expert Bonavita Crib line, it is a budget choice that offers excellent value for money if handled with a bit of care. A favorite in the Jardine Enterprise Collection is the Madison range.

The Cherry Jardine Madison Lifetime Crib 4-in-1 introduces classic beauty to your baby’s nursery. Turn it into a focal point with the right bedding, and the rest will follow. Teething babies are kept away from damaging the wood with an optional padded teething guard attached with velcro. This is a must-have, as the wood hasn’t been made to withstand baby bites. The idea behind this range is that it can be used for many years thanks to a conversion kit. So, you have to do whatever you can to protect the wood.

One slight gripe is that the cot bed doesn’t come with an adjustable side rail. If you are fairly tall, this won’t bother you. Some people actually prefer this type of design. Another hiccup may arise when you try to fix a bumper. The solid back panel makes this challenging. You probably wouldn’t want to use velcro, due to the possibility of damaging the wood. One solution is to try using 3M Command Interlocking Fasteners. Many moms have utilized this product with success.

Time passes so quickly. Before you know it, this little bundle of joy will need a toddler bed. This particular example from the Jardine Enterprise Crib Collection is fully convertible. A useful bit of advice is to purchase the conversion kit with the cot bed, as they are sometimes tricky to locate later on. The guard rail isn’t seen as one of the strong points of this bed. Hopefully the company will change and improve the design in the future. The cot also becomes a day bed or a full sized bed when necessary.

It is vital in those first, exhausted months to have a well-organized nursery with everything in its place. You won’t have time or energy to run around, tracking things down. Make sure that you have adequate storage space. To accommodate this need, the company has designed matching Madison dressers, armoires and changing tables. All of these can help to make the life of a new mom easier. Natural and white Madison cots are also available. You will also need one the Jardine Enterprise Collection toy boxes.

All in all, this range and in particular the Jardine Madison Lifetime Crib 4-in-1 offers solid value. Your baby will spend many happy hours napping in one of the Jardine Enterprises Crib Collection’s pieces.

Important Notice: Please note the CPSC’s Jardine Enterprises Cribs recall.


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