Babies ‘R’ Us Gift Registry Now Safer With Stricter Baby Crib Safety Rules?

In an industry where safety is crucial, it is surely time for the big boys to raise their collective voices, coming to the aid of frightened parents. This is exactly what is happening now, according to a baby crib safety report in the Chicago Tribune. Toys “R” Us has finally stepped up, demanding stricter adherence to safety measures from their baby furniture suppliers.

In the last few months there has been a number of nursery furniture scares, such as the recent massive Jardine Enterprises crib recall by the CPSC. What good is a nice, printable Toys “R” Us coupon code if you can’t be sure of the safety of the product you are purchasing? In another recent episode, there were newspaper stories about a Simplicity Bassinet recall request from the CPSC.

Consumers buying baby cribs in online stores like Toys “R” Us or through a Babies “R” Us gift registry are losing confidence in the ability of the industry to offer them protection and safe shopping. So, this announcement will be widely welcomed.

The new regulations from Toys “R” Us will, for example, require manufacturers to make sure that crib spindles are inserted to a specified depth into both the top and bottom railings. There are also rules about the way in which the spindles are fastened and the glue used in the process. Wood density has also attracted some attention from Toys “R” Us.

This is an encouraging development that will hopefully spread the safety net wider. In the end, the pressure must come from the major suppliers who have the necessary clout. Let’s hope that the result of this action will lead to fewer recalls, safer babies and reassured parents.

So, it looks like we can expect to see safer cribs in the Babies “R” Us gift registry very soon.

From the nursery and baby furniture review desk of Rika Susan

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