Baby Safety Month A Reminder Of CPSC Crib Recalls And Safety First Products

September is baby safety month and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has stepped up to make parents more aware of possible hazards at home and in the environment.

Recent scares resulting in CPSC crib recalls have resulted in many alerts about the possible dangers in baby furniture and other nursery decor. Toys “R” Us has also reacted by coming up with a strict set of rules for baby crib manufacturers. But baby safety month goes far beyond the nursery.

A report in Reuters concentrates on the massive dangers lurking in window coverings. Many of us never give a thought to the cords on window blinds. These rate among the top 5 hazards today. It is so easy to avoid an accident in this area, such as making sure that cribs aren’t placed next to a window, or choosing cordless blinds and shades.

The Pediatrics Blog on About.com, under the care of Vincent Iannelli, M.D. warns specifically about choking hazards as far as toys are concerned. Parents need to be aware of small toys, toy parts, balloons, balls and marbles. We all know how keen babies are to put small items into their mouths.

A Marketwatch baby safety month story looks at general crib safety, as well as safety around the house in terms of toys, toy chest lids, magnets and play yards. Many parents are not aware of the dangers hiding in the pillows used in the crib. According to the report, the CPSC is aware of at least 47 infant deaths in a two year period, associated with pillow use in the sleeping environment. It is simply far better to go without these.

A few months ago the Jardine Enterprise CPSC crib recall caused consternation. Consumers rely on suppliers to make sure that cribs and nursery furniture collections are safe. Until the recent steps by Toys ‘R’ Us, too many oversights slipped through the slats, so to speak.

According to statistics, far too many folks still allow babies to travel without car seats. Unfortunately this can be quite an expensive purchase to manage when the bills pile up as a result of new-baby expenses. Perhaps it is time to decide to pool baby shower gift funds in order to help with this big-ticket item. While other necessities such as video baby monitors and baby safety gates are also important, no baby should ever be without a safe car seat.

We trust that this baby safety month will be the start of a new, safer baby environment in every home. Parents don’t need to panic. It is mostly a case of sharper awareness, doing some reading and a dose of good old common sense. Here’s to safety first, folks!

From the nursery and baby furniture review desk of Rika Susan

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