CPSC Recalls Delta Drop Side Cribs With Missing Safety Pegs. Is Your Baby Safe?

The CPSC has announced yet another voluntary recall on almost one million baby cribs. This time, the recall affects Delta Enterprise Corporation’s older drop side cribs. The Delta drop side crib recall came about after it was discovered that missing safety pegs are creating a suffocation hazard.

Most of the cribs were manufactured in 2005, although one is a 2007 model. The recall concerns the Crib Trigger Lock with Safety Peg drop side hardware design. Full details can be found on the CPSC website. The cribs were sold through major retailers such as KMart, Walmart and Target stores.

The Delta crop side crib recall requires you to stop using any of these cribs immediately. The cribs need to have all their safety pegs in place – in the case of a single drop side crib, there should be two pegs, and in the case of a double drop side crib, four pegs. You can get a free repair kit with replacement pegs and installation instructions. This will allow you to continue to use the crib.

This is yet another baby nursery scare, following a massive Jardine Enterprise crib recall and a Simplicity bassinet warning.

We can only hope that the recent new guidelines for manufacturers from the likes of Babies “R” Us will prevent issues like the latest Delta Enterprises crib recall in the future.

From the nursery and baby furniture review desk of Rika Susan

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