CPSC Bunk Bed Recall – Safety News About Pottery Barn Madeline Bunk Bed Recall

Parents love to use Pottery Barn Bunk Beds in children’s rooms.

However, on 3 August 2010 the CPSC announced a Pottery Barn Madeline Bunk Bed recall.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission responds to incident or injury reports about possible product issues that may present a risk to consumers.

The Pottery Barn Madeline Bunk Bed recall followed after reports were received about an entrapment danger.

Roughly 400 Madeline Pottery Barn Bunk Beds are involved in the voluntary recall. The beds were available at Pottery Barn Kids stores, as well as from the website. Dates of sale range from around the middle of 2009 to March 2010.

How Should You Respond To The Pottery Barn Madeline Bunk Bed Recall?

  • Stop using the Madeline Bunk Beds immediately
  • Contact Pottery Barn as soon as possible
  • Make use of the free repair kit installation the company offers

The child safety issue has to do with the end structure of the bunk beds. A young child may get caught in the opening between the molding and the bed post.

The Madeline bunk bed is white and came fully equipped with guard rails, as well as a ladder.

So, if you have a Pottery Barn Madeline Bunk Bed in your child’s room, please take note of this CPSC recall and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

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